Alumni Spotlight: Inspiring Journeys

Exploring the Remarkable Stories of Our Eagles Made in Hebron

Elvis Okhifo

2021 Graduate of Computer Engineering

Covenant University is a Prophetic Ground. I Knew God Had Planted Me in My Threshing Floor.

I have a burning desire to see young people established in purpose and to see businesses thrive beyond normalcy. This passion led me to develop myself immensely and I now have the privilege of discipling a community of young people globally called the “Burning Hearts” and building businesses using media. After school, I started my production company which has served several multinationals including Providus Bank, Apple, Microsoft, Maltina (NBPLC), Google Nigeria and so many more. I also began the work of ministry immediately after the TTG (Towards a Total Graduate) program and by God’s grace we have raised disciples across several nations of the world today.

The first time Papa, Bishop David Oyedepo addressed us as freshers, I knew God had planted me in my threshing floor. Moving on to TMC classes, the stories of great achievers opened my mind up to a world of possibilities and I saw myself standing on the shoulders of giants, causing me to see better and more clearly. In my first year, I had a dream where I saw young people dispersed and without purpose and Papa appeared to me, held my hands and began to pray and as we did, they all began to come together to hear the word of God and that’s how I knew my purpose was to disciple young people and establish them in purpose by the preaching of the word.

Being a student at Covenant University and going through the routines instilled the core values of Spirituality, integrity, capacity building, responsibility, discipline and excellence amongst others which have caused me to stand out and fly high in my world today. The educational and spiritual curriculum of Covenant University is carefully crafted to turn a weak and confused individual into a king (we are Kings and queens in Hebron). I gave myself to every avenue for gaining mental and spiritual robustness and today, it shows greatly. After school, I wasn’t too sure if I should take up a job or start my own business yet but the knowledge I received from our EDS (Entrepreneurial Development Studies) had equipped me with the right skills of value creation, problem solving and branding and I took off on a good note in faith and have not regretted that decision years later.

I believe that leadership is service. People don’t care what you know until they know that you care. I am grateful for the privilege of having been a chaplaincy leader in the choir and have worked closely with the Student Council and management. This, as well as our Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD) course, prepared me adequately for a life of service and impact.


Covenant University is a prophetic ground where a new generation of leaders are emerging from, and I believe you’re one of them. So, I advise you to plunge into the system fully and avoid any influence that inspires you to do otherwise. Get ready to unlearn, relearn and learn.

I am rooting for you.

Your journey to leadership begins at Covenant!

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