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Samuel Akpoiroro

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 300 Level

God Has Been Faithful To Me Right From The Moment I Applied To CU

When I was in primary five, I always said that I wanted to be as humble and hardworking as my sister, who is a graduate of Covenant University. Thus, I can say the values that shaped the life of my sister, Elo Akpoiroro, led me to choose Covenant University. God has shown me so much about my purpose in life during my stay thus far at Covenant University. Additionally, God used my mentor, Dr. Abraham Owoseni, to help me define what He had in store for me.

I discovered that I was placed on this planet to be a helper, starting from my small acts of sacrifice and charity. Furthermore, I realized that my country needs me to become a light in my field of study, and God in His infinite mercy has already started something great in my life. Hopefully, in a couple of years, my technology will bring comfort to many lives both at home and abroad.

I am studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and it has prepared me to be open-minded to new innovations. As it is said, technology is the future of the world. Therefore, I try to always be positive about what I can achieve, even from something so abstract to the common man. My course has made me understand that indeed the sky is no one’s limit because there are diverse opportunities waiting for me in the near future.

I have set out goals to accomplish, starting with bringing technology to rural areas. It may be a difficult task, but I believe it is achievable as long as I am dedicated and committed to achieving this goal. Moreover, I also want to help young kids dive into technology at an early age so that they would not be limited by their background in life but rather aspire to be the best.

I love being a leader, to be honest. Covenant University has indeed blessed me with the kind of leadership skills at work here. Specifically, being a servant leader is my goal as a person, someone who is ready to sacrifice and give back. There have been a few values that have accompanied the kind of leader Covenant University is preparing me to become, such as humility, integrity, compassion, capacity building, and charity, among others. Ultimately, I want to be the type of leader who has a balanced life, not lacking in my spiritual, social, or personal life.

God has been faithful to me right from the moment I applied to Covenant University. The very first encounter of God’s goodness in my life was Him giving me a 100% scholarship to study at Covenant University. He then went on to surprise me with a perfect GPA (5.0) in my first semester. I happen to be a very quiet person, but my experience thus far with my colleagues has been excellent. I always try to be a friend to every member of my course as well as the people I meet. Additionally, I communicate very well with my lecturers and especially my level adviser. I do my best to stand up for what is right, even if people may not like it. However, I have learned that if you want to do something, give it your best shot. This has been my principle in my relationships with people since my first year at Covenant University.

I believe I have enjoyed the free WiFi that is accessible anywhere on campus and the fellowship with my ushering unit members. Nonetheless, the most important part of my campus life is the time I spend with my friends turned brothers and sisters. Sometimes I keep asking myself, what can I do without God? Many more special testimonies for my family and I kept coming. All I could say was I have more than a song today. God has indeed done wonders as He is still with me even now that I am in my 300 level. Indeed, it pays to serve Jesus.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. As Bishop David Oyedepo will say, “only giants can birth giants.” Therefore, if you want to be the best, learn from those who are the best in their respective fields of study.

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