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Kodichinma Onwudiegwu

Economics, 300 Level

I have Built Godly Friendships; I’ve Met People from Diverse Backgrounds

I came to Covenant University because two of my older sisters came here. One of them told my parents that it’s a must I come here because of the kind of experiences and leverage she got from being a student here. Studying Economics has broadened my mind to see things from a greater perspective. I am more aware of what is happening in the world and in my country and even though I still don’t have clarity as to if God will have me go into the political or business sphere, I am moved to do something about the state of our country Nigeria. 

In my department, I met other individuals of like minds, so I have built Godly friendships. I’ve met people from diverse backgrounds, so interacting with them has taught me to see things from other people’s perspectives and to exercise a lot more patience because my experiences informing my behaviour are not always the experiences of others and would also inform their behaviour differently.

Most of my lecturers are always open to provide clarity where lacking in any subject of interest and they take the time to advise us from time to time in their classes outside our curriculum, which is something I appreciate. I’ve enjoyed every moment of my stay at Covenant University especially my service unit- CUTG and events like The Late Morning Show (TLMS) by Ginikachukwu, Jokes On You (JOY) Comedy Show by Toby Afilaka to mention a few.


I’ve been influenced mostly by the core value of spirituality here at Covenant because now, I am more conscious of whatever I do being in line with my Christian faith. After all, Christianity is a lifestyle! Before, I was a dormant Christian but now I actively discern the Spirit of God and his leading and I follow them with more ease. I’ve been privileged to serve as an executive in my service unit for 2 years running. As a result, I’ve experienced a lot of stretching spiritually. I’ve also grown in boldness and audacity to be more open about my faith.

I attended Pastor Isaac Oyedepo’s programme, IGNITE Covenant University and ever since I have received more fire on my prayer altar and my personal worship and bilbe study. Now, I am more worded, spirit filled and more conscious of myself as a Christian. I have heard many testimonies of others and seeing many fathers in the faith who are connected to this institution share their stories has been very inspiring. Sitting under their teachings have inspired me to be a better leader and have made me see the need for all round development. They have given me the encouragement that I can also attain great heights, and this is my motivation to do better.

To every aspiring student, I’ll advise you to come in with a blank mind. Don’t let the experiences of others be the basis on which you perceive the University. Leverage the opportunities available to you here; most importantly, take God Seriously. DO IT FOR YOU! Not for your service unit, not for your parents, not for attendance in the chapel, not because you want to impress people but FOR YOU! You need God and he’s open to receive you.

Your journey to leadership begins at Covenant!

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