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Eyawo Oghale

Chemical Engineering, 500 level

I Love Every Aspect of Campus Life

I came to Covenant University based on her strong academic reputation and the Christian values incorporated into the alumni. I am studying Chemical Engineering and Chemical engineering has been pivotal in preparing me for my calling by providing me with a robust foundation in scientific principles, problem-solving techniques, and technical expertise. Through coursework in subjects such as thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and process engineering. As for my goals for the future, I am passionate about leveraging my background in chemical engineering to contribute to the oil and gas industry.

The Total Man Concept (TMC) has actually helped my spiritual growth and has built my walk with God, it has assisted me in knowing God even better. I have served as an executive in Chemical Engineering department for 2 years and I have also been a course rep for the past 3 years and still counting. I’m presently a Project Manager at the Enactus association in Covenant University. Since I drew closer to God, I’ve experienced great dimensions of favour and blessings in all areas. He has given me light and has helped me greatly in my academics. I’m happy to have met Him and Covenant helped me create the necessary grounds to know God even more.

My experience in my department wasn’t the best from scratch but running along it became better with the right company of friends, colleagues and lecturers. I love every aspect of campus life, from lectures being taught in class to ministrations during services, extracurricular activities, non-profit organizations, service unit meetings and conferences being held for personal development and growth.

Covenant University has 7 core values which have significantly influenced me positively. Firstly, CU has taught me Spirituality which has made me see how important God is in our everyday life. Integrity: Covenant has helped me realize that I should be honest in all that I do. Responsibility: It has taught me that I am responsible for the outcome of my life. Capacity Building: It has taught me to build capacity. The next core value is the Possibility mentality: I have learnt that being positive makes me see beyond the obstacles even if there are setbacks. Diligence: The bible speaks about being diligent in all that you do to yield results and of course, Sacrifice: CU has taught me why we must make sacrifices so we would be proud of ourselves at the end of the feat.

I will advise anyone coming here to come here with expectation and hold on to God at every step of the way. Make friends but be careful of the company you pick, move with people that have similar goals and most importantly don’t get carried away, prioritize focus.

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