More Than a Degree

More Than a Degree

Every year, students at home in Nigeria, and in the diaspora, apply to Covenant University for a degree in a particular field. Covenant University, however, offers more than a degree to students which is why you should come to Covenant.

You are probably wondering, what else does University offer asides from a degree?

In over two decades of existence, Covenant University has offered opportunities to her students to grow and excel, at home and abroad. Special clubs, societies, and groups that aid in consciously developing students into great minds are no news at Covenant University. Opportunities and competitions too, that would aid in students’ growth and development are held annually at Covenant University.

Here are some student-led organizations at Covenant University:

  • The Big 10 is a students’ community where one can explore, learn, and re-learn new (hard & soft) skills, and be exposed to opportunities that would help fulfil personal development goals. The Big 10 aids to bridge the gap between the workplace and the classroom.
  • The Hult Prize challenges young people to solve the world’s most pressing issues through social entrepreneurship. Every year, one team receives $1 million USD in funding, to make their idea a reality.
  • Enactus is a community of students, unified on the notion of making the world a better place. The students creatively research and develop ways of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Youth Group CU is a community that helps young minds thrive and provide solutions to world problems. These students, take initiative to innovate and capitalize on the available opportunities, to promote development, especially in the major areas of UNESCO (Science, Culture, and Education).
  • Covenant University Literary and Debating Society (CULDS) is a group of Writers and Debaters who learn more about their craft and practice and be with their kind.
  • Hebron Start-up Lab is Nigeria’s 1st University-Based open living lab for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech & non-tech startups. It is developed to aid students develop and implement their talents and ideas. The body seeks to mould, nurture and bring ideas and talents to life.
  • Google Developer Students Club (GDSC) is a community of students interested in a career in the tech industry. It builds a network of like-minded, tech-savvy students.
  • Covenant University Finance Society (CUFS) is a group developed at Covenant University, where finance is discussed and learnt in detail. Finance conferences are held, to help students develop their skills in finance.
  • Hebron Motorsport is a team of highly talented covenant university engineering students. These students aim to put Nigeria on the map when it comes to automobile racing in the world.

That’s not all, here are more groups you can join upon resumption at Covenant. One thing about the groups is that they provide a massive opportunity to grow social capital. Others are:

  • Campus Life, is a student organization that is in charge of organizing extracurricular and social activities on campus. The body is in charge of ensuring that students explore and develop their talents, expressively.
  • Covenant University tour guide (CU Tour) is a group of students that volunteer to take visitors & newcomers, on tours around the University. The goal is to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience at Covenant University.
  • Covenant University band (CU band) is a community of students trained to play instruments at certain events on the university campus.

All these groups were established to develop students in every aspect of their lives. Being a student of Covenant University opens one to a wide range of opportunities to grow. Covenant University offers more than a degree. Sure you get to join a number of these groups during your studentship at Covenant.

Compiled by Moyinoluwa Atiba,  2023 Mass Communication Graduate

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