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Gbemisola Oluwasina

International Relations, 400 Level

My Lecturers Have Been Helpful and Are Models of Personal & Career Development.

I believe God led me to Covenant, through my dad’s insistence on my attending a Christian private university. I have seen evidence that God brought me here. Studying International Relations has provided a continuous learning curve that involves human relations, service to students, critical thinking, formal writing, and public speaking. I realise that these skills have aided my professional development, over the past years, and will continue to be important in my journey. It would be great to put the theoretical knowledge to practice in local political settings and global fora such as the UN. However, I am keen on exploring the opportunities that come my way.

The terrain at Covenant is different and unique in its demands. I am learning to make Jesus my standard and to identify seasons, so as to maximise them. I have had the opportunity to serve in numerous offices. Godly influence is powerful, especially over young people. I am learning to be a force for good because that is what Abba desires of those He lifts, and to come up with innovative ideas. Furthermore, Covenant’s emphasis on personal responsibility has helped me realsie how crucial it is for each young person to align with his or her divine assignments so that corporate and national development can come to life. Also, it is important to note that some people may not be in the spotlight (as much as others) but they are a (crucial) part of the show!

I have learnt the beauty of simplicity in my walk with God. I have seen the benefit of having the right mentors and friends. I have trusted God more and yielded more to Him. I get clearer about why I was born, each day. The peace and joy are matchless, as well as the supply of grace for every (new) role. The chaplaincy has been a huge blessing to me. The chancellor is a big testament to God’s wonderful work in a committed life.

Wow! PSIR is a unique setting. It has been beautiful to serve there, since my first year (hosting tutorials, aiding the academic directors in my 3 years before stepping into their shoes) and to meet amazing friends. My lecturers have been helpful and are models of personal & career development. Also, the courses have helped me to understand human nature and politics better. I love the excitement of having people in my age bracket around me, the greenery, the thrill of dynamism, the fellowship, and the countless opportunities to serve and grow at Covenant.

There is a way in which reciting the core values stamps them into my spirit, such that I unconsciously live by them in my daily activities. Each of the core values has helped me become a better young lady, in every facet of life.

I’ll advise a prospective student to come with an open mind. Seek God, for yourself. Be a Christ-like person. Learn and serve. Plan your rest, because you will need it, alongside work. Whether you are placed in a position or not, live excellently. Take pictures. Make friends intentionally (across age groups). Enjoy each moment; don’t be in such a hurry to graduate that you don’t!

Your journey to leadership begins at Covenant!

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