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Fisayo Adeyemi

2020 Graduate of Petroleum Engineering

My Time at Covenant University Was Extremely Valuable In Laying The Foundation For My Life

 My time at Covenant University exposed me to principles that shape the person I am today. I learned the concepts of discipline, diligence and teamwork. I learned to enjoy working with people and built some core values that remain with me today, like possibility mentality and capacity building. My time at Covenant University was extremely valuable in laying the foundation for my life. I was presented with opportunities to build valuable skills simply because I was a student at the University. Some of these opportunities included career fairs, networking events, and international associations.

For the last four years, I have worked closely with CEOs and Executive Management to deliver Software, IT and projects that explore the intersection between energy and agriculture. I have performed extensive market research, evaluated clean energy projects’ economic and technical feasibility, and led successful product launches to new markets. I am passionate about clean energy and accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy, which ultimately creates prosperity for all. I have a strong academic background and a solid track record delivering projects in Information Technology, clean energy, artificial intelligence, and oil and gas. 

I am currently pursuing a Master of Engineering in Clean Energy Engineering at The University of British Columbia, and I have completed postgraduate programs from Ivy League Universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Disruptive Technologies and in Artificial Intelligence at The University of Texas at Austin. As a climate change advocate, I enjoy lending my voice to speak about global challenges and solutions. I have spoken on notable global stages, such as the United Nations, IBM Dubai, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers International. In 2023, I was invited by MIT Africa Business Club to speak in the United States of America. Outside work, I enjoy writing about the energy and AI industry through my newsletter. I have been playing the piano for 15 years, and I love the game of chess.

Solution17 Green and the Lagos State Government Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu for the #Artnovation project

I had many too many encounters while on campus. However, one that stands out was during a program called “WHITE” which is an acronym for “Worship Him in the Evening”. During one episode of WHITE, while worshiping God, I told God in prayer, if indeed there is a plan for my life – show me. After this prayer, my eyes opened and I began to see Gods plan for my life, I have never looked back ever since. In 200 Level, during our Student Work Experience Program (SWEP), we had the opportunity to spend some time learning about life and I was motivated to take prayer walks in a place on campus called HOD grounds. I believe it stands for Hour of Destiny – truly in these conversations with God, I can say I found clarity of purpose.

After leaving Covenant University, I quickly learned that the words of Dr. David Oyedepo held true, “You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life.” I faced the challenge of deciding what I wanted to do with my life. The Chancellor always said, “If you don’t know where you are going, everywhere will look like it.” I overcame it by praying to God, the architect of my life, seeking counsel from mentors, and asking myself tough questions that I had to write down the answers for. I quickly gained clarity, and this set me up for success.


My approach to leadership has always been servant leadership – I believe everything rises and falls on leadership. A country, a school, a company, a home, every single structure in our world needs good leadership, so I was intentional about serving in leadership roles throughout my time in the university. From 100 level, I served as the Project Manager of Enactus Covenant University, and in my final year, I served as the Director of Communications for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Covenant University prepared me for leadership by training me through university-wide courses like “Total Man Concept (TMC)” and “Diploma in Leadership Development (DLD)”. I remember conversations with Prof. Aize Obayan of blessed memory, who was the then Director of the African Leadership Development Center (ALDC), where we would discuss leadership for hours, and her passion ignited a fire in me. One achievement I am most proud of is being able to give back to the community that raised me – in whatever capacity I have, just being able to invest back into the environment that moulded me into the person I am today.



Upon coming to Covenant, remember, do not follow the crowd. Twenty friends don’t play together for twenty years. Seek God’s plan for your life and place that above whatever plan you might have had because God’s plan for your life exceeds whatever you can muster. Also, build a culture of systems and friends that help you study. Build meaningful relationships with your colleagues, seniors, lecturers, faculty, staff, and serve. Volunteer yourself, stretch yourself, build your capacity by trying new things. Set goals for your academics – do not leave anything to chance. And don’t forget to have fun with your friends; this would outlast whatever test or exam you face.

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