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Kathryn Diete-Spiff

Industrial Physics-Applied Geophysics/Physics, 400 Level

The Beginning of a Beautiful Love Walk with the Lord

God led me to Covenant amidst what seemed like mistakes. Looking back, I’d say it was all God. From wanting to study medicine, which was my passion at the time, to that not working out at all—these little changes in what I wanted for my life were part of what led me here. Studying Physics has been incredibly rewarding for me. It’s transformed my mindset and the way I see things. There’s an outlook on life that Physics has given me. Specifically, it’s made me very calculative as well as inquisitive, wanting to see things differently and ask the unconventional ‘Whys’. This is one thing that I know will be a weapon in my arsenal, a valuable asset for my future endeavours.

Covenant University is equipping me with courses tailored specifically to becoming a leader. The curriculum we’ve covered so far in our DLD and TMC lectures has been incredibly worthwhile. It’s gone beyond just learning; there have been opportunities to ‘walk the talk’. Serving in various leadership capacities, from the chaplaincy to student associations and clubs, has exposed me to the “Total man” concept, which speaks to being a well-rounded individual. I have learned the invaluable trait of resilience in a leader led by God—the ability to remain steadfast and rooted, even in trying times, not easily swayed by the storms of life. Every day, I strive to be the woman for the job, the right person to execute and manifest God’s vision in every endeavour of my life.


When I first arrived here, I had a sense of God—something close to a relationship but never fully knowing Him or walking with Him every day. During my first year, I was religious, joined a service unit, and grew in knowledge, but there was an understanding I didn’t have at the time. In April 2022, everything changed in my relationship with the Lord. I finally saw clearly, and that marked the beginning of a beautiful love walk with the Lord—the most defining spiritual encounter of my life. Since then, I have experienced numerous encounters. I’ve been placed in a solid community, made amazing friends, and seen the hand of God in trying times.

One testimony I vividly recall is when I was about to start my internship. I didn’t have a placement yet and had been in a long season of waiting. With my convictions about the companies I wanted to work for, all my hopes were placed in a single basket, deliberately. Despite the unlikeliness, during this long season of waiting, the University Chaplaincy held a life-changing program called ‘Ignite,’ which was a profound spiritual experience. The encounters from this event were a testimony in themselves. The day after ‘Ignite,’ with only six days left before my internship was supposed to start and after 2-3 months of not hearing back, both companies wrote to me with beautiful offers! This alone was a clear manifestation of God’s hand in my life. There have been many other testimonies in my daily life and in the little things—from the Holy Spirit leading my every step, guiding conversations, and drawing me back to Him. God has truly been good to me.


I’ve enjoyed community activities, which have led me to my very best friends. I’ve cherished evening walks by myself, concerts, and Chapel programs that redefine the spiritual atmosphere of the entire school. I’ve loved staying back with my Enactus team, dates with my friends, receiving a nice Sunday lunch from home, having my parents visit during public holidays, and hanging out with my coursemates. I also enjoy meeting new people in large classes. Recently, I’ve been immensely enjoying my DLD and TMC 421 lectures—they truly brighten my week. Beyond academics, I love spontaneous adventures, sharing laughs, and making and documenting lasting memories with my amazing friends.

One of my most important mantras in life has become ‘building capacity’—how can one not? Throughout my time at CU, this singular value, among others, has driven me to seize opportunities, make friendships, and step out of my comfort zone in an effort to build capacity. With our core value of a ‘possibility mentality,’ I have seen that whatever I set my mind to, even opportunities I don’t initially feel deserving of, I pursue anyway. My ‘can-do’ spirit is what makes me a well-rounded person. It enables me to execute ideas and assignments without being hindered by limiting beliefs about myself and my abilities.

As you prepare to join us, embrace the journey you are about to begin from the very start. Understand that your journey is a process. It won’t be easy; there will be countless “can-I-catch-a-break” days. However, staying firm in your one true Source will keep you going during the demanding days. Make friends, be friendly, and seek to add value to everyone around you. Join communities and clubs and be devoted to the causes you commit to. Stand for the truth, be firm in your convictions, and most importantly, walk with the Lord in love and truth. There is a lot of beauty and colour that a pure relationship with the Lord adds to one’s life.

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